Managing Director of
Global Traders FX Institution
Mr Caesar Tsamaesi

Caesar_Wavetrader @Instagram, a passionate Elliot Wave and naked chart trader, he carries vast experience of working with fx brokers and carries expertise on trade research providing intraday trades, swing trades and market commentary.

Global Traders came into existence to close gap as thousands of forex beginners lacking proper trading skills and knowledge and consequently many fx institutions in and around the world charge high learning fees ranging from $650 – $3000 (ZAR10 000 – ZAR45000) just for teaching people how to trade.

I come from a society where forex trading is sold incorrectly in social media promoting a flashy lifestyles, champagnes, slay queens, fake trading accounts and fast cars, we as Global Traders exist to change that incorrect misconception and teach people the reality of forex which starts first with learning and investing in your knowledge. Many individuals have been long sold the forex dream and are clueless about the reality of trading which is chart analysis in order to trade profitably, trading is not a lifestyle but a serious career that can only work for you if you put in the hard work.

Wrong conclusions from society about forex labeled as gambling, scam, risky or for intelligent people, requires lot of time, requires lot of money which all comes to “lack of knowledge”.

GLOBAL TRADERS the only forex institution in South Africa that offers a variety of free services to clients before they enrol for any of our paid premium mentorship programs and also funds real accounts for talented traders

Free beginners class

Free consultation session

Free trade ideas and market insight

Free guidance on account growth